Sunday, October 20, 2013

Really quick update

Shortly after my last post (May 29th)  I fell in my bedroom and broke my foot - or ankle, or - it hurt like &*$&%(  - the ambulance drivers thought it was just a sprain - I knew something was broken.  so, turned out that my stumble caused my tibia to split from the ankle joint up a few inches, and three toe bones to break up by the joint.

9 weeks off work with my foot in a cast and up - watching my beautiful garden become overgrown from lack of care.  I did find friends and family to pick raspberries and marionberries.  Cucumbers didn't make it, as well as some of the herbs I had just purchased - lack of water.  We had a mass of tomatoes, mainly from not being able to get out there and pick off the suckers.

Started back to work August 1st, but still pretty tired from the injury, so have been sleeping a lot.  Just now starting to get back some of my energy.  And tackling much needed projects around the yard.

So may have some pics soon.

Woven throughout all of this were over a dozen appointments for my daughter up at the Oregon Health Science University to determine what was going to be done about her heart.  we found out last week that she has been accepted as a candiate for a heart transplant.  they can't list her until she loses about 12 pounds.  Not that easy to do, when you are hardly eating anything anyway, and don't have the energy to get around much.  so need a miracle in that area.

When not trying to catch up with the outside, I have been inside trying to finish the back bedroom ( the master bedroom) for my daughter.  Have been wanting to move her into that room for over a year - she needs the room for all her books and stuff, and it is closer to the bathroom.  :)  Very important when you are on a diuretic.  So it seems that every waking minute is filled with either working in the garden, yard, or painting, patching, building on the inside.  Not much time for computer stuff.

So I have been around - just laid up most of the summer.  It was kind of weird - this is the first year in many, many years when I have not canned anything!  (kind of hard to do from a wheelchair).  Perhaps in a month or so I can post some pics of what I have been up to.