Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reader Survey (because I am curious)

In the last 90 years, it seems that about every 30 years or so there is a movement to recapture the skills necessary to grow your own food.  Starting with the victory gardens of the 1940’s ( here in the US), to the back to the land movement of the 1970’s, to the home garden movement today, there is a strong interest in the United States for growing food locally.  I know there is a strong movement also in the United Kingdom because of the blogs I follow there.  I’m curious though; for my readers in Canada, Germany, Malaysia, India, Luxembourg, Sweden, Ukraine and Switzerland, what is it like in your country?  I am especially interested in India.  I have some friends from India that have described living in some of the cities there – is there anywhere at all to be able to raise a small portion of your food? 

If there are enough people in enough countries to promote home gardens, perhaps we can start impacting the amount of food that travels so far and depends on fossil fuels to get where it is going.  I realize that some sacrifice comes with this; we won’t have all foods available to us year round if we don’t import some foods.  And there will be ramifications to many countries economies if food is not exported.  It seems unfair though that some countries will allow export of their crops when their own people are going hungry.  I remember a few years ago when Viet Nam was facing a rice shortage and decided to limit exports on rice so that their own people would be able to be supplied; - good for them!  It isn’t always easy to say no to money.  So what is happening with the food supply in your part of the world?

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