Saturday, June 9, 2012

The early June Garden - Slugs, beans and raspberries

Yes, I said Raspberries!

May 29th I was picking strawberries and glanced over to the raspberry rows, and was surprised to see some ready to pick!

I've been kept busy picking pyrethrum blossoms and drying them - an every day task right now

I am also trying to get to the spinach that bolted - this is just a small portion.   I am going to steam it, then put in food processor and pour into ice cube trays and freeze - then I can add it to soups, dips, etc.

June 2nd - started picking a large bowl of raspberries about every other day

One of the reasons I like to grow my own raspberries

Harvesting three different kinds of peas

Last weekend (June 1st) I admitted defeat in the first go round with the slugs in my bean patch.  The beans that had got an early start and were starting to climb had escaped their ravages - but the second succession of plantings had been nipped off just as they came out of the soil.  Horrid slugs!  It was raining so much sluggo wasn't working - and I kept forgetting to put out the raw potato slices, which works best at trapping them.  So, I had to run to 13th street to see if they had any pole bean starts left.

Entrance to 13th Street Nursery

Yeah, they still had some pole bean starts!  I bought 12 - planning on planting extra against the risk of more slug attacks.  

I wasn't the only one stocking up on veggie starts - I was so glad I already had my tomatoes and they were in the ground.  Although 13th street still had a good selection last weekend. (Good thing I got there right after they opened before it got crowded)

One of these days I want to try my hand at bonsai, and 13th street has a great selection of starts and established plants

Here is one half of the shade room - this is where my granddaughter likes to come to pick out mosses for between our stepping stones

Right outside the shade room - a huge selection of herbs - some hard to find, and more veggie starts

The other half of the shade room - I need to come in and browse around when I have time, since I still have a shady spot on the other side of the grape arbor to plant.  I love having excuses to visit the nursery.

Ornamentals and blueberry plants in front.  For a small nursery, they seem to pack a lot of stuff in here.  Dedicated owners and staff keep everything looking nice and they are very helpful.

Say hi to owner Karen Maki if you go in - she is usually running around watering, pruning, or answering questions.

Annuals at 13th street - I have so much fun in this section!

So, I bought my beans, came home and planted them, finished planting the dry bush beans I have - and now all my main planting is done!

Now, to keep ahead of the weeds, pick the rest of the spinach, replant lettuce and radishes, keep the berries picked, finish mulching the rows - well, you get the idea!

It rained all week here in the Willamette Valley, so at least I didn't have to water.  but a clear day dawns and I can get lots of stuff done this weekend!  Hope you have fun in the garden too.


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