Monday, January 5, 2015

It has been about a year since I have posted - a lot going on.  My daughters heart condition was worsening steadily over the last year.  In November she had open heart surgery to install an LVAD - a heart pump to assist her left ventricle.  she will keep that until she gets on the list for a heart transplant.

So, hope everyone has been gardening and growing and is excited about SPRING which is just a few weeks away (in gardener mindthink).  I received my first seed catalog (Thank you Territorial) on Christmas Eve - what a great present!

I will try to post some pics soon.  My computer died, and I have a new one but all my pics are somewhere on a spare drive.  I have almost finished the front of the yard, planted fruit trees, and started to apply permaculture principles with dead wood swales and hugelkulter - so keep tuned for that.


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