Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 Garden Update - April & May

I know, it has been awhile since I have done a post.  Western Oregon went from torrential rainfall where you could hardly do anything in the garden, to warm weather and sunshine.  I was so busy in the garden trying to catch up, that I really didn't have time to post anything.  My daughter says my posts are too long, so I will try to update you on where the garden is at by topic.  then you can pick and choose what you are interested in.

I do want to say that besides the monetary and health benefits of growing and eating your own food, there is no price you can put on those esoteric moments in the garden.  Being outside in all weathers, you develop a relationship with the plants, the animals, the birds.  You feel first hand the onset of a thunder storm - hear the first chirping of the baby birds in the hedge - startle two baby possums on your wood pile.  These are the serendipitous moments that are icing on the cake.

I have a female hummer that has a nest somewhere in the neighborhood - I think in the Sweet Gum Tree.  She comes up all the time and just hovers in front of me, tilting her head at me, watching me.  She feeds off the rosemary blossoms, the trumpet vine, chive and apple blossoms - anything she thinks will have nectar.  she has no fear - even tormenting the cats in the window - hovering in front of them and going back and forth - watching them do their crazy dance.  However, get a camera out, and she is gone!

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