Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cucumbers - 2012

I spend a lot of time going through gardening catalogs - looking for ideas that I can adopt for my garden.  I really liked the idea of a trellis for cucumbers to grow up where the trellis is at an angle so the cukes hang down and are easier to pick.  I have always grown my cukes on a trellis, but even so, there are always a few that hide and then when you find them, they are too big to eat.  So I am trying this out for 2012, and will be interested to see how it works.  this is the bed that had the heating coil in it - so I kept that on, since cukes are warm weather plants and don't like cold roots.  Pyrethurm is in front - still waiting to bloom.  But this bed gets a lot of sun so the tallness of the plants in front shouldn't make a difference.

I added row cover to the back part to keep the heavy cold rains off the seedlings.  Had to keep the front open because the pyrethrum was growing so heavily and I just couldn't cover it up safely.  

Planting cucumber seeds - and I did buy a couple of plants just to make sure.  I don't have a picture of the seedlings, but they have about 4-6 leaves now, so are doing well.  We have had some really cold weeks since I planted them, so they are not growing really fast.  And one of the cats found a way in despite all the wrapping, because it is just so much fun to walk in all that nice soft dirt.  So a few seeds were disturbed.  But mostly they are coming along ok.

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